Smooth and straight hair without visiting a hairdresser? Semi-permanent hair straightening at home

Dull and damaged hair doesn’t make us look better. The strands must be smooth, glossy and healthy to attract the attention of others. Let’s be honest about it – good-looking hair is able to boost our mood. Professional hair salons offer various hair treatments granting permanent or semi-permanent strengthening, but… do you know that you can achieve the same effects of sleek hair at home? Yes, you can expose the hair for example to keratin treatment without leaving your bathroom. Learn top home hair treatments to get smooth and straight strands.


at-home keratin hair straightening

Making hair straight due to keratin is a well-known and common hair treatment. Did you know that you can carry it out at home without hairdresser’s help? All you have to do is buy a professional DIY home keratin treatment kit. Such protein-rich treatment doesn’t only improve hair’s appearance but also makes hair visibly straighter and smoother. Since keratin is a natural hair constituent, it’s responsible for fighting static and frizz. Hair supplied with keratin is more resistant to mechanical damage.

A regular semi-permanent hair straightening kit includes: a deep cleansing shampoo, a smoothing keratin-rich solution and a moisturizing mask. The latter is formulated with vitamins, antioxidants and plant extracts to ensure top-notch post-treatment hair care.

How does home hair straightening look like? Obviously, all keratin treatment kits come with step-by-step instructions, but luckily this procedure isn’t complicated. In most cases, the steps are as following:

  1. Wash the hair using the shampoo provided in the kit. Dry the hair and divide the hair into sections.
  2. Apply the smoothing keratin-rich solution. Use a brush to spread it evenly along the strands, avoid the scalp.
  3. Run a comb through the hair to distribute the solution evenly. Let it sit for 30 minutes. For better results, keep the hair warm – you can use a blow dryer.
  4. Remove the solution with a comb. Reach for a flat iron and set the right temperature to match the hair: thick hair – 210-200°C, normal hair – 200–190°C, over-processed hair – 180–170°C, extremely damaged and gray hair 170–160°C.
  5. Rinse the hair.
  6. Apply the nourishing hair mask and style as always.


You shouldn’t wash the hair within the first 48 hours after the treatment. Also, you shouldn’t tie the hair to prevent bends and ponytail dents. Just leave it loose.


Hair lamination is another super easy treatment that gives you smooth hair. It depends on covering the strands with a layer of a keratin-based product that – as mentioned above – fills in the gaps and thus repairs damage in hair. In this way the hair is smoother, glossy and restores its good-looks. If you want to give hair lamination a go, you can buy the sashes enriched with liquid keratin, balms, conditioners, sprays and shampoos. Another way to get home hair lamination products is to prepare them on your own – you can use gelatin, agar and linseed.

diy hair lamination using gelatin

Gelatin is nothing else but peptides and proteins of animal origin. When applied to hair, it gives similar effects to keratin.

This is why gelatin is a home replacement for keratin so you can perform the semi-permanent hair straightening without visiting a hairdresser. The effects are identical to the keratin hair straightening. The difference though is that the results achieved with gelatin aren’t long-lasting. In most cases hair returns to its previous form within a month.

diy hair lamination using agar

Agar, also known as vege gelatin, is extracted from red algae, rich in proteins, folic acid and vitamins B, C and E. Additionally, agar is 100% natural, has no taste or aroma. It’s completely safe for the hair so it’s also perfect for home hair lamination treatment.


Remember, if you want to make the effects of home hair lamination last longer, you should enrich your daily hair care with hair straightening products such as balms, sprays and hair creams as well as conditioners and hair masks that are responsible for taking good care of hair.