Six hair conditioners for six hair types. Which one should you choose?

High porosity or maybe low porosity? Dry or properly hydrated? Too much hair protein or in need of additional nourishment? Irreversibly damaged or just a bit neglected? What are your hair like? Simple question, not so simple answer. Fortunately, you don’t have to know every detail about your hair condition to choose right conditioning cosmetic. You can choose out of six types of hair conditioners. What are they?

hair-conditioner.jpgNo. 1 Conditioner for dry hair

Thick and rich in nourishing ingredients hair products are best for dry hair. Symptom of dryness are matte, rough and brittle hair. Hair conditioner for dry hair will provide intense moisture and allow to preserve right hydration level in hair.

No. 2 Conditioner for oily hair

Products for oily hair should consist of no heavy substances, like SLS/SLES. On the other hand, conditioner for oily hair should contain astringent, like citrus oil, rosemary, sage, thyme or camomile.

No. 3 Conditioner for fine hair

Low porosity hair are usually healthy, but their main problem is lack of volume and softness. For this type of hair, best will be conditioners providing volume. Such cosmetic ensures that hair will be raised at roots, optically thicker and whole hair style gains structure. Conditioner for fine hair will ease combing and stylisation.

No. 4 Conditioner for dyed hair

The issue of dyed hair is mostly loss of nourishing ingredients and colour. Conditioner for dyed hair should provide complex nourishment, restore natural pH balance and preserve colour.

No. 5 Conditioner for frizzing hair

The most common problem of women are frizzing hair. Cosmetic for hair with this problem should ensure moisture, but average moisturising conditioner is not enough. Hair conditioner for frizzing hair should tighten spaces between hair cuticles, which will provide their elasticity, smoother and gloss.

No. 6 Conditioner for curly hair

Last position among the most popular hair conditioners belongs to hair conditioner for curly hair. Curly hair are prone to dryness, that is why conditioner for this hair type should most of all provide deep moisture. It is not recommended to use products with silicones, SLS/SLES and other heavy ingredients. Important is moisture, nourishment, softening and emphasis of curl.