Nanoil Argan Oil

Brand: Nanoil

Price: $15

Original name: Nanoil Argan Oil

Ingredients: 100% argan oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil)

Hands down, cold-pressed, unrefined argan oil is the best natural hair conditioner that women all over the world swear by – the one from Nanoil boasts the highest quality for a very competitive price. 100% Moroccan argan oil certified by the Ecocert is the heart of the product. There’s nothing more, just genuine liquid gold for your hair. Argan oil is made up of around 100 different nutritional substances (including squalane, omega acids, phytosterols and vitamins) which give it amazing benefits. How does the Nanoil Argan Oil work?

  • It repairs and strengthens the hair from the roots to the ends.
  • It balances the scalp and alleviates it.
  • It delays the aging process and revitalizes.
  • It shields against the heat-styling damage.
  • It makes a perfect summer pick because it’s a natural sunscreen.
  • It makes the hair smooth, glossy and resilient.
  • It reinforces the follicles preventing hair loss.

Obviously, argan oil isn’t made only for the hair – it works wonders when used on the face, body, nails and even to treat sparse, thinning lashes. In each case it improves the level of hydration, sparks the repair, nourishes and protects. In other words, it fulfils all beauty needs. Still, its use on the hair is the most popular because it’s lighter and better than most conditioners, plus it doesn’t weigh down the tresses and you can combine it with other oils for intensified effect.

A small, well-designed bottle houses 50 ml of the purest oil. You receive 100% organic, goldish argan oil. It isn’t thick so even applying it to dry hair isn’t problematic. It doesn’t have intense color or aroma which is a great thing proving that the argan oil from Nanoil is natural and free from non-essential additives. Let’s call it the quintessence of nature in hair care which surely gives plenty of benefits.

Naturally, argan oil isn’t the only natural, cold-pressed, unrefined beauty oil in the Nanoil offer. Do you feel like getting to know the Nanoil products better? Pop into