Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment (4.4 oz./125 ml)

odżywki do włosówBrand: Moroccanoil®

Price: $33.95

Original name: Moroccanoil Treatment Light

Ingredients: argan oil, linseed extract, silicones (Cyclomethicone and Dimethicone).

Treatment with Moroccanoil is a versatile and multitasking recipe with Morocco’s liquid gold, i.e. argan oil, enhanced with linseed extract. Those ingredients provide complex nourishment, repair, protection and improvement of hair condition and it all thanks to complementation of the deficit omega fatty acids and vitamins which are necessary for right hair growth. Oil conditioner Moroccanoil Treatment Light is dedicated for fair and light-coloured hair. It ensures hair not only with regeneration, but also significantly speeds up drying time and makes stylisation easier. Cosmetic can be used as a conditioner (after hair wash, on the damp hair, as a leave-in conditioner) or a finishing product (on dry hair to tame wild streaks or to protect ends). Moroccanoil complements deficits in hair structure, which appear on fair or light-coloured hair often as a result of, for example unfavourable weather, heat stylisation or chemical treatments.

Regenerative oil, i.e. hair conditioner Moroccanoil Treatment Light is a luxurious product. Taking into consideration small size of the bottle and its price it is quite questionable why do you have to pay so much for not entirely natural composition, because product contains a lot of silicones. Those substances can additionally weight down already delicate hair.