Use of conditioner in a hair care method CWC

The condition-wash-condition is a hair wash method publicised by girls, who care about beautiful look and healthy scalp. It is based on alternate application of cosmetics matching hair damage, porosity and type of scalp. It helps hair preserve their natural gloss and colour, protects against drying properties of some ingredients (e.g. SLS, ammonia), nourishes and strengthens. It provides beautiful and healthy look for a long time. How should you use CWC method?

Phase one: hair conditioner (C).

On a damp hair apply conditioner. You should focus on ends and individual streaks. Application should be performed on so called length, i.e. part of hair from the ears down; during treatment step by step move towards lower parts of hair. For this step you can use conditioner, you weren’t totally happy about and for a long time kept on a shelf. Application of conditioner before shampoo is supposed to protect hair and scalp against substances in shampoo. Don’t rinse the conditioner.

Phase two: hair wash with shampoo (W).

On hair apply cleansing shampoo; wash your hair as usual. Few drops of a cosmetic diluted with water rub into the scalp. You do not have to wash your hair – all you need to do is to wash hair with conditioner and a foam created by combination of water and shampoo. Streaks and ends do not need such a strong cleanse as scalp. Sebum, grease and dust gather on the top of the head. To finish this step rinse scalp with water.

Phase three: hair conditioner (C).

On a washed and still damp hair apply conditioner matching your scalp and hair type. After recommended time rinse product with chilled water. You can dry hair with a hair drier with cold air and on ends apply protective serum. It is the last step of hair wash with CWC method.

What properties give CWC method? It provides hair with moisture and strength. Streaks aren’t dry, do not frizz or electrify. Hair are more resistant to breakage and excess loss, but also chemical and mechanical damages. Effects of a CWC treatment depends on the cosmetics you use. Both conditioner and shampoo have to match hair type and scalp.