Nourishing bomb! Home made hair conditioner with egg yolks

Period of winter and summer solstice are two moments during the year, when our hair need special attention. It is not enough to use standard nourishing products. Hair condition after freezing winter or hot summer is always worsen. At this time you have to try some stronger conditioning treatments. Irreplaceable can turn out to be home made nourishing vitamin bomb.

What will you need for home made hair conditioner?

– 3 egg yolks,
– 1.5 table spoon of coconut oil (cold pressed and unrefined),
– 1.5 table spoon of almond oil (natural oil not essential oil),
– 1 tea spoon of castor oil,
– 3 table spoons of raw honey,
– 1 table spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.


This is probably the easiest recipe for home made cosmetic. You just need to mix all ingredients. You can first melt coconut oil, e.g. in a microwave or over pot with hot water. Whisk egg yolks till they create light mass before adding rest of ingredients, it will make conditioner more creamy.


Home made hair conditioner is much better solution, because you can adjust its consistency and ingredients, for easier application. Vitamin bomb for hair can be used on dry and wet hair, though it is recommended to apply it on wet strands. Conditioner is much easier in administration. Properties of conditioner will be more beneficial if you leave it on hair for about an hour.


Home made hair conditioner owes its complex properties to the ingredients it combines. Almond oil makes hair gain gloss and vitality and coconut oil provides restoration, seal of raised hair cuticles and protection. Castor oil, though it’s mostly known for its accelerating growth properties, also ensures strengthening and gloss. Egg yolk is full of proteins, honey provides moisture and smoother and lemon ensures elasticity of strands. After use of this conditioner, hair should be soft, smooth and glossy.