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Hair conditioner – Shopping step by step

Beginnings are hard. Especially beginnings with hair care. When you do not know your hair needs, do not know what to avoid in cosmetics and there are hundreds of hair conditioners to choose from. What kind of

Nourishing bomb! Home made hair conditioner with egg yolks

Period of winter and summer solstice are two moments during the year, when our hair need special attention. It is not enough to use standard nourishing products. Hair condition after freezing winter or hot summer is always

Six hair conditioners for six hair types. Which one should you choose?

High porosity or maybe low porosity? Dry or properly hydrated? Too much hair protein or in need of additional nourishment? Irreversibly damaged or just a bit neglected? What are your hair like? Simple question, not so simple

Use of conditioner in a hair care method CWC

The condition-wash-condition is a hair wash method publicised by girls, who care about beautiful look and healthy scalp. It is based on alternate application of cosmetics matching hair damage, porosity and type of scalp. It helps hair