Best At-Home Treatments for Healthier, Happier Hair!

Beautiful hair doesn’t always require hours spent at the salon. Do you know that you can easily do hair smoothing treatment or hair botox at home? See tried and trusted products you can use to improve the condition of your hair, stimulate its growth and leave it shiny and smooth. We share the best ideas for superb home treatments.

Hair botox

Do you know that botox can be used not just for reducing wrinkles? There’s a hair botox and it’s called that because you need a syringe as well. It involves applying a strongly-nourishing and repairing serum. Thankfully, it’s not like traditional botox – there are no injections. Both anti-wrinkle and hair botox have one thing in common – apart from the syringe, it’s the filling effect because hair botox fills hair just like face botox fills the skin.

At-home hair-botox kit consists of necessary products, including a shampoo that opens up cuticles, elixir which fills the hair shaft and a sealing cream (closes cuticles). The shampoo has components that both open the cuticles and condition the hair during washing (hyaluronic acid, keratin, collagen), priming the strands for a dose of superb substances. You leave the elixir in the hair for around fifteen minutes and then secure the hair with the cream rinsing it well after ten minutes.

Botox smoothes the hair, tames frizz, prevents breakage and strengthens the hair shaft. It makes a perfect pick for damaged, coarse, very dry hair.


If your hair experiences serious damage, you should consider buying a professional hair-reconstruction kit. There are products that rebuild the hair structure through delivering essential fatty acids and peptides.

Professional hair smoothing treatment

Even healthy hair tends to go static and frizzy. Any hair, regardless of the structure or condition, is affected by external factors (smog, humidity, dry air). Smoothing treatment comes to the rescue: it improves the appearance of hair and reinforces its external layer so hair looks both healthy and lovely.

Professional hair therapy kits usually include a softening shampoo and conditioner with a shine-boosting complex. They are sometimes enriched with a hair-taming spray.

Keratin hair smoothing treatment

One of the most popular hair treatments – you can do it at home! You just need to find a pro kit: it contains a keratin mask as well as a shampoo and product you apply after the treatment.

It aims to deliver a big amount of keratin to hair using the heat so you “build” it into hair with a dryer.