Dry, Damaged Hair? We Share Top Tips for Fast Repair at Home

We all love beautiful, healthy hair. A lovely hairstyle and perfect haircut make us feel way better. We devote lots of time to our hairdos. What if hair starts getting dry, damaged, weak or thinning? Dullness, lack of shine, frizz, challenging brushing routine… Can you fix damaged, dehydrated hair? Sure you can! See our tips as far as products and home treatments go – they can greatly improve the state of your strands.

How do you know your hair is damaged?

If you experience:

  • problematic detangling
  • fading hair shine and bounce
  • frizz and breakage
  • stiff, straw-like strands
  • very dry, split hair ends
  • handfuls of falling-out hair 

… then it’s time for you to take action and give the hair something more than a shampoo and rinse-out conditioner. You are going to see the best treatments to make your hair healthy again. Easily at home!

How to revive damaged hair?

1. Scalp exfoliation

A scalp scrub: use a professional scalp exfoliant that doesn’t require rubbing or go for a traditional scrub but make sure it’s fine-grained (this type removes dead cells but it doesn’t condition the skin). Exfoliation keeps the scalp and roots of hair clean, as well as stimulates blood flow so other ingredients from next products can be absorbed deeply. You can use a scalp scrub once in two weeks. You will see healthier, voluminous, better-looking hair after just one use.

2. Micellar shampoo

Dry, weak, damaged hair needs gentleness, nourishing and hydrating. You can greatly improve your hair by simply washing the hair right. Get a mild micellar shampoo. Tiny micelles – water-and-fat particles – quickly attract the dirt and gently yet effectively purify hair and scalp for enhanced absorption of nutrients. At the same time, this kind of shampoo should have nutrients which deliver beneficial ingredients while shampooing, giving us top-level hair care.

Dry, damaged hair also benefits from shampoo bars based on natural ingredients like panthenol, aloe, honey, nourishing vitamins and oils.

3. Hair conditioners and masks

Damaged, dry hair needs an extra strong product. Depending on condition of your hair, treat it to a strongly strengthening hair mask once or twice a week. This isn’t just repair therapy but also a way to make hair look better fast. Damaged hair mostly benefits from masks based on keratin which is a natural building block of hair. Keratin mask greatly enhances weak hair – it adds strength, rebuilds damage and conditions the hair making it prettier, shinier and bouncier.

Additionally, remember to use a moisturizing and repairing conditioner after every hair wash. Nourishing and strengthening leave-in mists make a great choice for damaged hair too.

Masks and conditioners. What ingredients should they hold to cure super-dry hair? The best substances include honey, keratin, silk, aloe, panthenol, ceramides, collagen, karite butter, oils and marine minerals (algae is the biggest source).

4. Natural hair oil treatment

Let’s never forget the evergreen remedies our grandmas used: castor oil, homemade mask feat. olive oil, yolk and honey, and other natural ingredients create miraculous treatments for damaged hair. Castor oil prevents hair loss and stimulates faster growth while argan oil is one of the strongest repair substances for weak, dry, aging hair.

Choose the best oil and use it on hair and scalp once in a few days. Let it sit for as long as possible. There are no limitations! Before washing the oil out apply a mask or conditioner for easier rinsing. Now, wash the hair using a favorite shampoo; micellar shampoo is obviously the best.