Better than hair conditioners! The best hair masks from Nanoil

Does a conditioner provide all that your hair needs? Not necessarily! Our tresses often need a stronger effect that only a well-suited mask is able to give. Nanoil proves that we all deserve it. See the top-rated hair masks from Nanoil!

Have you ever bought a conditioner, used it regularly but it didn’t give you the desired effect anyway? I guess we all once wasted money on a product that didn’t work. It’s frustrating but we shouldn’t lose our motivation. It’s time we took our hair care to the next level thanks to products that really give great results. We have found a few that make good value for money.

Professional hair masks from Nanoil

Made up of the finest ingredients, lightweight, nice to use – this is what the Nanoil Hair Masks are like. These masks were launched after the success of beauty oils from Nanoil. All products from the brand are top picks among people who want maximally-effective beauty solutions. If you are picky as far as hair-care products go, the Nanoil masks are made for you.

Hands down, these are the best hair masks that hair professionals swear by. Thousands of women rely on them because Nanoil masks are:

  • based on top-quality natural substances.
  • available in five versions for different hair types.
  • extremely lightweight and easy to use.
  • effective because they enhance the inner hair structures.
  • non-overburdening and have a great conditioning effect.

How come the Nanoil Hair Masks top all hair conditioners?

The formula is the secret. The masks are high in the most effective hair-enhancing substances. They feature better ingredients and this is the first thing that makes them take advantage over conditioners – the components are carefully selected and combined so as to give you the most intensive hair care.

Unlike conditioners working on the surface, masks work deeply inside the hair. That is why it’s best to let the mask sit for longer and give the nutrients enough time so they can penetrate deeply and rebuild the structure of hair from within. No conditioner is able to give you this effect because only the mask has concentration of ingredients this high – each portion of the mask holds the amount of powerful substances that no other product can boast.

Which Nanoil Hair Mask to choose?

Hands down, a hair mask is an essential product. Still, we must make the right choice. The rule is simple: if your hair is dry, look for a mask rich in humectants; if it’s damaged, choose one based on proteins. It’s also good to pick oil-rich products because oils are the best hair enhancers.

We bet everyone can find the Nanoil Hair Mask made for them. These five masks are made up of components that answer the most common needs of hair. See which Nanoil Hair Mask makes the best pick for your tresses!


Purpose: damaged, dry, brittle, splitting hair


This mask has the strongest effect out of all Nanoil masks. It contains hydrolyzed keratin molecules – proteins that have an extraordinary reconstruction potential. After just one use of this mask, the tresses are soft and smooth as they’ve never been before. The Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask is able to strengthen the hair and reverse the damage e.g. caused by color-treating or heat-styling. The formula is enriched with panthenol which creates a perfect hair-enhancing duo with keratin – your hair regains softness, resilience and hydration. It’s all possible without weighed-down tresses or protein overload.


Purpose: normal, weak, frizzy, dull-looking hair

A good pick for fans of the evergreen argan oil. The Moroccan liquid gold is paired with the repair-enhancing panthenol. Argan oil alone holds 100 different substances that make this nourishing Nanoil Mask work great. You just need to use it regularly to see the improvement after a couple of uses. Hair is strengthened, revitalized and resilient. The Nanoil Argan Mask boosts the levels of moisture and shields tresses against the potential harmful factors e.g. the sunlight, heat, free radicals. Over time, the hair is more manageable and stuns.


Purpose: rough, dull, frizzy, limp hair

Silk is a staple among women who have frizzy hair and want to take control of flyaways. Still, it’s not merely a smoothing agent because the Nanoil Liquid Silk Mask is a repair treatment – it doesn’t work only on the hair surface but also penetrates the inner structures and revives the tresses. After all, silk is a protein. Because it’s the major ingredient in the formula, the Nanoil Liquid Silk strengthens the hair, keeps it hydrated, smoothes, tames and prevents static. What’s more, silk creates a protective shield on the surface to keep the tresses safe from damage.


Purpose: flat, greasy, volume-less, weighed-down hair

Even though masks are mostly dedicated to hair care, you can use this one to treat the scalp as well because it is rich in scalp-enhancing substances. This formula contains two cleansing ingredients: activated charcoal and white clay. They both aim to cleanse, absorb excess of sebum and restore the balance to the scalp which consequently benefits the hair – tresses are soft, resilient and nourished. The detoxifying formula from Nanoil is enriched with vitamin A, E and B5 complex, marine algae and hydrolyzed sericin (protein).


Purpose: dull, fine, very dry, coarse hair needing nourishment

The best hydrating hair mask whose effectiveness flows from the ingredients. The Nanoil Algae Hair Mask is based on strongly-revitalizing real marine algae which keep the hair moisturized and gradually make it look lovely again. The algae are combined with panthenol and glycerin which help preserve the optimal hydration inside the hair. The Nanoil Algae Hair Mask is a saver when hair is difficult to style and looks limp.