Frizzy Hair Remedies that Really Work

Many girls admit that frizzy hair is a nagging problem. It’s often caused by humidity, hence the popular term “humidity frizz”. Thankfully you can easily tame the frizz using some tried and trusted methods. Frizzy hair is usually dull and coarse at the same time. You want to make it smooth and shiny but even the best smoothing conditioners fail? Try top remedies girls swear by!

Why is my hair frizzy?

The genes often take the blame. If members of your family have unruly strands, you will probably struggle to get silky-smooth hair. Damaged, highly-porous hair loses hydration fast and goes frizzy. Color-treating, bleaching, permanent wave, blow-drying, curling… all these factors hugely weaken your hair and you can’t keep damage at bay if you keep overprocessing your strands. Heat causes damage to the natural shield on hair which locks in water. In turn hair becomes dull, dry and more likely to frizz.

How to make frizzy hair smoother then?

Making hair bouncy and shiny again is the thing to start with. All products and treatments that seal the cuticles are welcome. If you want to intensively repair your hair, avoid aggressive heat styling. Give up on color-treating, blow-drying with hot airflow and straightening with a flat iron. Let your hair dry naturally as often as possible. For smoother strands, try blow-drying with a round brush.

Hair oil treatment

This treatment is the best if you’re struggling with damaged, dull hair. It’s growing in popularity worldwide. Applying hair oils gives the best results when you do it regularly. You can do it differently choosing the best method for your hair and preferences. Applying oils on damp or dry hair, using oil-based mist or conditioner, etc. The best treatment for a beginner involves applying a hair oil before shampooing and letting it sit for some time. Make sure you pick the right oil for your hair type. Unrefined argan oil or linseed oil make the best choice for frizzy hair.

Conditioner after a hair wash

Hair needs conditioning after every washing routine so never skip a conditioner. Keep it in for several minutes so it can penetrate the hair. If you rinse it out too soon, it doesn’t have enough time to work. Ideally, use natural oils instead of readymade conditioners to smoothen the hair without weighing it down.

Silicone-based products

Silicones make frizzy hair better. They form a shield which locks in moisture, boosts shine and adds resilience. Still, you need to choose silicones that are easily washed out to avoid hair damage.

Apple cider vinegar hair rinse

This is an evergreen, super-budget remedy that makes hair smooth and shiny. The acidic pH closes cuticles so hair goes straight and smooth. Additionally, this natural rinsing mixture helps keep color-treated hair vivid. To make it, mix apple cider vinegar with water and use it for final rinsing. Let the blend sit in hair for three minutes and rinse well. Don’t worry, the smell fades fast.

Correct shampooing routine

This is crucial when speaking of frizzy hair. Hair is easily damaged if you’re not gentle and damaged hair is more prone to frizz. Wash the hair using the fingertips instead of the nails. Your strands will be grateful. You should never forget that cool water is best for rinsing hair because it adds smoothness and shine. It also helps greasy hair keep fresh for longer.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase

Getting a new pillowcase can give you smoother hair! Cotton causes damage and opens cuticles so hair is dull and dry. On the other hand, silk is more gentle on hair because strands glide smoothly instead of rubbing against the rough texture. This simple trick will keep your hair frizz-free so you should definitely try it!

Summing up, remember that the condition of hair doesn’t change overnight. The improvement comes with time and regularity so use suitable products, learn good habits and enjoy great results with a stunning hairdo!