Luxurious Volume, volume providing hair conditioner (7.04 oz./200 ml)

odżywki do włosówBrand: John Frieda

Price: $7.00

Original name: Luxurious Volume Touchably Full (or Thickening) Conditioner

Ingredients: alcohol, emollients, moisturising substances, silicones and fragrances.

Hair conditioner John Frieda is a product that gained popularity way back with its original formula. At that time Luxurious Volume Thickening earned consumers’ favour thanks to few qualities – important was low price of the product, its effectiveness and friendly formula. Cosmetic offers the same properties today, though under changed name as a Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Conditioner. Properties of volume increasing conditioner are not only about optical volume for fine and weak hair, but also eliminates damages caused by stylisation and harmful external factors. As for such a low price, product is great at regeneration and restoration of health to hair. After use of this product, hair can be easily brushed, there is no static electricity and are liable to stylisation.

The greatest flaw of Luxurious Volume from John Frieda is its chemical composition, where cannot be found even one natural substance (we are not counting in aqua). Formula of this type influences the effects – hair are smooth and their condition in immediately improved, but content of silicones causes worsening of hair condition on the longer run and weights hair down.